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Tax Consultation

Free ConsultationMost tax resolution firms will offer initial consultations. However, taxpayers should be aware who their consultations are with. Many of these firms use “boiler rooms”, or salespeople with fictitious titles such as “tax analyst”, “case manager”, or “tax specialist”. They rely on obtaining the taxpayers credit card information during the initial call to receive their commission or bonus. Most scams start with salespeople promising “pennies on the dollar” and prey on the fears of unsuspecting taxpayers. They claim they can “negotiate” with the IRS for a smaller settlement. However, the IRS should not be perceived as street vendors that can be haggled with. This is the IRS, not the farmer’s market.

Call (949) 943-3890 or fill in your contact information to the left to make an appointment for tax preparation or consultation and you will be guaranteed to meet with a licensed certified public acccountant or enrolled agent. Professional consultations should be conducted by real licensed professionals, and no one else. With a licensed professional, The Taxperts can provide a more accurate picture of the steps involved to solve your tax problems without any surprises. Our goals are to provide our clients with an affordable payment plan to help settle and/or reduce your tax debt by using applicable tax laws and legal actions.