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How can I contact The Taxperts?

You can call (949) 943-3890 or email You can also visit our website at and click on “contact us” on the top right of the page. If you live in the California Orange County area, please call to make an appointment for a in-person consultation.

Who will I be speaking to when I call for my consultation?

You will be speaking with a licensed tax professional (tax attorney, certified public accountant, or enrolled agent) during your consultation. However, due to high volume of calls, your call may be answered by an assistant. The assistant may ask a few basic questions to save time and transfer you to a tax professional as soon as they are available. If you wish to speak directly to a tax professional, you may leave your contact information for the tax professional to call back.

What will we be discussing during my consultation?

The tax professional will ask you questions about your tax situation, financial information, and a quote to solve your tax problems. It is important to answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible for the tax professional to choose the best possible solution to solve your case and an accurate quote. You may also ask any tax resolution questions you may have, letters you have received, or simply vent about your tax problems. Remember, we are here to listen and help.

How long is the consultation?

The consultation typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour. Please do not call while you are driving. We care about your safety and the safety of those around you. 

How much will it cost?

Every taxpayer’s situation differs from one another. However, The Taxperts have a very structured fee schedule that will treat all clients alike for similar service. The CPA will provide a quote based on the initial consultation and a fee schedule to eliminate any confusion of the services and its costs.  Please call (949) 943-3890 and we can assist you with an estimated quote over the phone.

I don’t owe the IRS/state a lot of money, but I need help. Will it cost me a lot for your services?

Due to the cost of professional fees, taxpayers who owe less than $10,000 may save more money by resolving their tax problems themselves without the help of a tax professional. For those who owe less than $10,000, The Taxperts offers a $200 per hour consultation. During this consultation, a CPA will discuss your best options and teach you how to resolve your tax problems yourself. However, the time and effort may be burdensome for some taxpayers. If you still wish to hire The Taxperts for representation, we will refund the $200 consultation fee and begin your case.

Why should I choose The Taxperts over other tax resolution firms?

We do not use salespeople with artificial titles such as “tax specialist” or “case manager”. We believe only licensed professionals should be allowed to give consultation and advice on how to solve your tax problems. This vastly improves our quality of service over other tax resolution firms. Our firm only consists of licensed professionals and their personal assistants to help with general office tasks.

Why can’t I do this myself?

Would you represent yourself in court without a lawyer if you were being sued for an immense amount of money or possible jail time? Similarly, you may not want to represent yourself to the IRS and/or state without a licensed tax professional. The Taxperts provide years of knowledge of the tax codes and laws through experience and education. Not only is it safer and provide you ease of mind, but it can also save you more money.

Are there any guaranteed results?

There are no guaranteed results, and the taxpayer should be cautious if a firm provides guaranteed results. The end result of your case is determined by the IRS or state, therefore, out of any tax professional’s control. Similarly, you would not hire a lawyer who can guarantee you will win a case. Do not hire a tax firm who will guarantee the IRS or state will accept your installment agreement or offer in compromise.

Are there any refunds?

The Taxperts will provide refunds for services not yet performed. If you do not wish to proceed with our recommended tax solution, you can ask for a refund of the service. However, it is against firm policy to provide refunds to services already performed unless the taxpayer has been misled. Our firm uses a teaching method to keep our clients involved and informed. Therefore, in the past, clients have demanded refunds near the end of their resolution so they may finalize the case themselves. Our refund policy helps prevent this from happening and keep our service fees at a minimum.

I wish to have The Taxperts represent me. Now what?

One of the first steps will be to fill out a Power of Attorney which will authorize the licensed tax professional to speak to the IRS and/or state on your behalf so you may never have to. The tax professional will then request records of your account from the IRS. These records give the tax professional an idea of your tax situation from the IRS’s viewpoint. Afterwards, the tax professional will contact you to discuss information the client may not already know and any recommended changes to their tax resolution process.

From this point, the tax resolution process will begin. The process differs from person to person, depending on their tax situation. Some may require filings of past tax returns and others may be required to provide their financial statements. The tax professional will file all the required documents needed to obtain the best settlement for you and keep you informed of any changes and updates.

Once the paperwork has been accepted by the IRS and/or state, you will be in good standing with the IRS and/or state. Your will remain in good standing as long as you continue to remain compliant with all future tax rules and obligations.

How long will the process take?

The time from your initial consultation with The Taxperts and the acceptance of your settlement with the IRS and/or state depends on your tax situation. The IRS is an inherently slow bureaucratic entity. With 115,000 IRS employees trying to process 115,000,000 tax returns per year, it is no wonder that it may take years to settle the most difficult cases. On the other hand, many cases have been resolved within a day. On average, your case may be resolved in six months.