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TestimonialsThere is no better feeling than to call a client and tell them their tax problems are finally over. They can finally stop worrying and begin to enjoy the important things in life; family and friends. No more losing sleep at night. It is finally over! They can now start anew. A fresh start. Read some of their experiences to the end of their tax problems as a result of working with The Taxperts.

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Blind trust

“My former tax preparer always did my taxes and I never gave it much thought. That was until I received a letter from the IRS and state saying I owed over $30,000 collectively. I made an appointment with The Taxperts and they were able to amend prior returns, fixing all the mistakes. I went from owing over $30,000 to nothing!”

- Tom

It's the recession's fault

“Things were going so well until the recession hit. I lost almost everything and couldn’t afford paying the IRS the full amount. But The Taxperts said they can explain my situation to the IRS and have my penalties removed. They ended up saving me over $6,000! Thank guys!”

- Anonymous

Where'd my money go?

“The IRS started levying my paycheck and threatened to take all my savings from the bank. I called the IRS and they just scolded me for not responding to their letters sooner. I turned to The Taxperts about my problems and told them I needed my next paycheck or else I would default on my rent and credit card bills. They understood and called me the next day saying they stopped the IRS. I couldn’t believe how quick it took them! Now I have an affordable payment plan with the IRS I can live with. Thank you Taxperts!”

- AJ from California

Jail time fears

“I was afraid I was going to go to jail for not filing for years. I didn’t have my receipts or tax documents and didn’t know how to file. I was informed that not filing may be punishable with 1 year in jail and a $25,000 fine. I felt so consumed and lost, but The Taxperts were able to retrieve transcripts and file all my taxes. The service your firm provides was exceptional and I cannot thank you enough. I wish you continued success. Thank you again for putting my mind at ease and God Bless you.”

- Esther, A very satisfied client

The only thing I know about tax is how to spell it

“I don’t know anything about taxes. But it didn’t matter to The Taxperts. They always explained everything with such detail and patience, without any judgments. I am now more educated and involved with my taxes and grateful I can rely on The Taxperts to prepare all my tax returns.”

- Michelle K.

Bigger but definately not better

“I first went to a national tax help firm thinking they were bigger and better. I was very wrong. My calls were never returned and I eventually read about how they scam people. My tax liability grew larger by the day and I still needed help. I went to The Taxperts and was still somewhat skeptical. However, I felt at ease after speaking with a real professional during consultation. The Taxperts returned all my calls the same day and always kept me informed! Eventually, I went from owing $72,000 to half that!”

- Frank & Anna S.